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A Harry Potter Role Playing Community unlike the rest.


Everyone taking Muggle Studies has been assigned a year-long, ongoing project of having and maintaining a livejournal to experience the internet just like Muggles.


1. Updates or entries are to be made in the character's personal journals. Any OOC comments or relavent chat transcripts should be posted in the community journal. If you choose to act something out over AIM or in a chat, you don't have to post the transcript if you don't want to, but you're more than welcome to.

2. It is assumed that anything written in your character's journal is visible to anyone and everyone who wants to read it. Since the premise of the game is that everyone has a livejournal, it would be awfully silly for players to write an entry and then really make it private--no one else would get to see it! If you want your character to make a private entry, you can do so by putting the text between [private][/private] tags or behind a cut tag. Friends only entries can be made in the same manner, but remember to say which friends can read it! (for example: [friends only: Gryffindor boys])
Remember: if a character writes a "private" entry, that information is for players only; anything in a "friends only" entry is known only to those included in the friends group specified.

3. All characters are required to have their own journals.

4. Icons for your character are helpful as well. If you don't know how to make them, need help, or just don't want to, ask.

5. We think you should have at least some grasp of your character and the Harry Potter universe. If you're looking to play here, it's assumed that you've read most, if not ALL of the books. Constantly acting in a way that is completely wrong for your character can be cause for removal from the game. If you don't know anything about Harry Potter, why would you want to be playing here anyways? ^_^

6. This game is slash friendly. It's not required, but if that's your thing, you're free to slash it up here. This also means that you're free to act out adult situations (swearing, sexual innuendo/situations, etc). If this makes you uncomfortable, this probably isn't the place for you.

7. There is no minimum posting requirement for now, but it is appreciated if your character updates on a regular basis, which would be about one post every week or so. If your character goes for a long period of time (more than a month) without updating, the mods may choose to remove your character from the game.

8. No characters below fourth year can play in this game. Sorry, but aside from the fact that your character would probably get no interaction whatsoever, since Muggle Studies is not open to first and second years, they simply would not be included in this project. There are more than enough characters that can still play! We would prefer to limit this game to canon characters (ones appearing in the books). Original characters are allowed with mod approval. Original characters will only be allowed once all major roles are filled. As we said, there are plenty of characters from the books. Need some ideas? Check the lexicon! No Mary Sues/Gary Stus.

9. Ad-libbing and/or powerplaying is NOT ALLOWED unless you have express permission from any and all characters involved. If you want to run a plot, be sure to check with everyone you're looking to involve before doing anything. You're more than welcome to use NPCs (non-player characters) in your plots, but if that character gets taken up, don't forget to let them know that you've already established plot for them. On the same note, if your character has plot from a previous player or from NPC plottage, yes, you have to go with it. Chances are this plot has involved more than just your character and changing this could alter key plot points for others.

10. We're pretty much open to everything, but if you have a problem with any other player please come to us FIRST. If you can't settle it between the two of you, we would be more than happy to help. Send us an email, IM, or comment in one of our LJs.

11. The game will not start until there are at least 7 players. If at any point we fall below the required 7 players, the game will go on hiatious until we regain players.

12. All posts to the community journal will have to be okayed by one of the mods. We are online daily and your post will be up soon. If there is a problem with the post, we will deny it, tell you the problem, and allow you to try to repost. If you are constantly sending posts we have to deny, you will be removed from the community. Deniable offenses include: Mary Sue/Gary Stu, severely off topic, severe/unnecessary foul/offensive language, or bad-mouthing any player (ie - Draco badmouthing Harry is okay, the person playing Draco badmouthing the person playing Harry is not okay.)

13. If you need to leave the community for any reason, please notify one of the mods so we can begin recasting your character. Then make a post in the community, and remove yourself from the community and remove the community from your friends list.

14. Please read the rules. Regularly. They may change or update without notice.

To join

Do Not Click The Link To Join the Community! You must complete the following before you can request to become a part of this role playing game.

Send an e-mail to this address with the following:

1. Which character you want.
2. A little information about the character so we know you understand the character. It doesn't need to be paragraphs long... just one will do.
3. A sample entry is not required but highly recommended. This lets us know if you understand how the game is played.
4. You should probably put "hprpfreedom" in the subject line so your e-mail isn't mistaken for spam and deleted ^_^

Taken Character List

Harry Potter - my_mums_eyes**
Hermione Granger - eloquentgranger **
Ronald Weasley - ronweasleyfreed**
Fred Weasley - twincest **
George Weasley - twincest **
Ginny Weasley - _ginweasley **
Neville Longbottom
Dean Thomas
Seamus Finnigan
Parvati Patil
Lavender Brown
Colin Creevey

Luna Lovegood
Padma Patil

Justin Finch-Fletchly
Hanna Abbott
Ernie MacMillan
Susan Bones

Draco Malfoy - remedialpotion**
Theodore Nott - cynicaristocrat**
Pansy Parkinson
Vincent Crabbe
Gregory Goyle
Millicent Bulstrode
Blaise Zabini

Minerva McGonagall
Rubeus Hagrid

Viktor Krum - seekerkrum**
Remus Lupin
Fleur Delacour
Charlie Weasley
Bill Weasley
Percy Weasley
Molly Weasley
Arthur Weasley
Nymphadora Tonks

Bold denotes a needed character
** denotes an unavailable character that is currently being played
^^ denotes a suspended character or one awaiting further decision

EricaGold imeantheend AIM - imeantheend
EricaBlue xvxbabychicaxvx AIM - ourkissgoodbyex

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