just like a dagger buried deep in your bum (imeantheend) wrote in hprpfreedom,
just like a dagger buried deep in your bum

Contact/RP List

Here it is!

The official contact list!

Please comment with your character name, journal, and your screen name for roleplaying.

I'll make this post a memory so new characters can get the information, too.
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Hermione. eloquentgranger. AIM: eloquentgranger
Fred Weasley. twincest. AIM: forgeisme
Viktor Krum. seekerkrum. AIM: krumisastar
Ginny Weasley _ginweasley AIM: Gryffindor Gin
George Weasley twincest AIM: Gred Is Me
harry potter my_mums_eyes aim: nini chuggins
Draco Malfoy / remedialpotion / GraynCold
Ron Weasley/ronweasleyfreed/AIM:HPRPGluvr
Theodore Nott/cynicaristocrat/AIM: Bailonghu (may show me as available but I might be busy--always check beforehand)