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Contact Post

I just wanted to make sure everyone has the following information:

Hermione Granger: eloquentgranger / AIM: eloquentgranger
Viktor Krum: seekerkrum / AIM: krumisastar
Draco Malfoy: remedialpotion / AIM: grayncold
Theodore Nott: cynicaristocrat / AIM: bailonghu
Harry Potter: my_mums_eyes / AIM: nini chuggins
Fred Weasley: twincest / AIM: forgeisme
George Weasley: twincest / AIM: gredisme
Ginny Weasley: _ginweasley / AIM: gryffindor gin
Ron Weasley: ronweasleyfreed / AIM: hprpgluvr

Please make sure your lists are updated. And remember, you can always instant message the mods if you have any questions. You can instant message me at Hermione, Fred, or Viktor's screen names, and EricaBlue at Ginny or George's.

And if you have any questions for the next week and a half or so, talk to me (EricaGold) because EricaBlue is going to be in Myrtle Beach with her family and will have no internet.

I'll be keeping you updated about new characters as they come in, etc.

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