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Hi everyone, just leaving an update

Hey everyone!! Missed talking to you guys while this was on hold, and hi to the new Draco and Ron.

So, I'm off to be a responsible person (it's overrated, let me tell you) and i'm about to leave on a 3 month internship in the middle of nowhere texas.

Right now, I have no idea if i'll have reliable internet. If I don't, I'll find a starbucks or something in the evenings, but I'm hoping that we have some sort of internet service.

I really don't want to give up the role of Harry, but I don't want to be selfish and keep you guys from having a Harry. So I'm going to see how much I'm around, and if you guys want me to, just let me know and I'll hand him over. It's only for 3 months though, then i'll be back in full service. Plus, I worry about not being around much and not really having a place for my character when I get back, but again, both are risks that are there.

So just let me know if you would rather have someone else take over the role, or if we can maybe work with my schedule etc. Because I really do love this.

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Aw, just when I was getting some real desire to pester our Harry Potter a la evil Draco Malfoy style =P Maybe once you get over there you can give your avaliability with more detail and gives us your final decition on the matter? ^^

This is not a completely pointless comment. I just have to do this-- *snuggles the other donnie darko fan silly* Ok, now I'm done. And thanks for your welcome!


February 17 2006, 01:08:57 UTC 11 years ago

i know, i figure hopefully i'll try and catch you online tonight or tomorrow so we can let them get some aggression out before i go. once i get there i'll be sure to let everyone know the situation, and like i said i won't give it up unless you guys REALLY need a new harry.

EEE! *snuggles the donnie darko fan* it's my WEAKNESS.
(Lol, just recently been introduced to DonnieDarko and watched the movie 3 times, each time I understand it less XD the web page killed all my brain cells, but *ehem*) Sorry that I sadly couldn't get online to do that, only RPed with Ginny a bit. The PC where I have AOL has been used for my mother all day long =S I wasn't expecting that to happen.

Still, pressumably, I'm getting online in an hour, two at max, if you are still interested :P

Hey, a question for the admins, is seekerkrum an active player of the RP? Because he figures as such but not as member of the community. Just to know if I should add him as friend or no?
Yes he is a character in the community. You should add him to your friends list.
yeah, i was reintroduced to it about a month ago, and i can't stop watching it. the website and i are sworn enemies. i just DON"T get it.
Hey, if it's DD fans you're looking for, look no further...I'm a Darko nut, too! And that version of "Mad World" is totally the best!
XD It's like a congregation! Nobody would have believed what brought us here was Harry Potter, lol! (Yes, Miss Player-Behind-EloquentGranger, I hightly would recommend you to.)

*zips mouth and goes to add whoever is missing*
Hi! yeah i just got this version of mad world and can't stop listening to it. i need some kind of dd support group really.

also, hope i get to talk to you before i leave :-D
A) You're the greatest harry ever.
B) I so need to watch Donnie Darko.
A. you made me blush and feel so much better and i MISS talking to you guys. you guys are dead on's for hermione and ginny and it's so fun
B. oh god you must, the first time through all you'll think is BUBBLE BOY!
Well, while you're gone, we could always say Harry's looking for Horcruxes again...